A Lenten Journey for 2021: Exploring the Stations of the Cross and Four People who Figure in them – Pontius Pilate, Simon of Cyrene, Veronica and Joseph of Arimathea
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Mary Magdalene's Stations of the Cross

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Book Summary

While debate has ensued for two thousand years about who Mary Magdalene really was, her character at the time of the crucifixion shows us what she was: A strong and courageous woman – fiercely loyal, incredibly determined and virtually unstoppable!

This book is designed to give a human voice – and a female voice, that of Mary Magdalene – to the Stations of the Cross in the hopes of creating a profound and beautiful experience that touches the heart and enriches the mind. After all, this is what the originators of the Stations of the Cross always wanted those who undertook it to achieve.

It brings the Stations to life by incorporating photographs of the actual sites on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem today and interweaves history, archeology and even legends surrounding the Stations and those who figure in them. It also highlights recent archeological discoveries at Magdala, Israel.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will help to fund ongoing archeology at the Magdala site and the Magdala Project – which honors the Women of the New Testament and all women of faith today.

About the Author

Whenever Ann Regimbal prayed the Stations of the Cross, she always found herself thinking about Mary Magdalene: Where was she standing? What was she thinking as these terrible events unfolded before her?

Ann's numerous business trips to Israel enabled her to walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene – not only in the Old City of Jerusalem – but also amidst the archeology of ancient Magdala on the Sea of Galilee, which was only discovered in 2009. Several years ago, Ann began giving lectures in New York to raise funds for the Magdala Project – and quickly discovered a talent for bringing the historical events of this period to life.

Ann is neither a biblical scholar, historian, nor archeologist. She is someone who loves adventures in history – and this book is your invitation to come along.

Come and walk the Stations of the Cross with Ann Regimbal and Mary Magdalene – and make this beautiful spiritual exercise even more meaningful.

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